Alex Poryadina


This project was completed during the internship at Happy Ending Agency


We’ve been approached by FirstLight Trust — a charity who supports veterans of Emergency Services and Armed Forces in the UK. In order to raise awareness around the subject of mental health, they came up with an idea of «Stress Down Day» and asked us to create an identity for it. The idea behind the campaign is simple: employees pay a certain amount of money and get an x-amount of time off the work, promising to spend it doing something de-stressing.


The work was divided into four stages: gathering identity essentials, creating promotion tools, merchandise collection, and putting together a website.

De-stressing is a very personal activity and every person has their own way of releasing mental stress. Therefore, key visuals focus on visualising the feelings that come after releasing the stress, like happiness, calmness and joy, instead of depicting a certain activity.


The main character representing the brand was created by taking an abbreviation of the campaign name, simplifying the letterforms and arranging them to create a facial expression that reflects the blissful, happy state of being de-stressed. Paired up with bold typography, warm colour palette and a set of icons the brand essentials are simple enough to be applied to different mediums, yet distinctive to catch attention.


A number of branded tools were created in order to promote the campaign and raise the funds for the trust. The set includes booklets & flyers templates, Facebook frame for profile images, email-signatures for employees participating in the Stress Down Day and printables of pledges and tag stickers to use on the day of the campaign.


Apart from donating money straight to the FirstLight Trust and participating in Stress Down Day, people can support the charity by purchasing products from an online store. The collection of merchandise is tailored to the idea behind the campaign and includes items that one can use during their day off and includes t-shirts, stress balls, pins, bookmarks and etc.


The website acts as the main tool for promoting the campaign and FirstLight Trust. It includes all the necessary information about ways of supporting the cause as well as an option to sign up for participation or buy merchandise from an online shop.